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Fellow Sevilla Toros,
Your reunion team have put together another wonderful friendship gathering for all Sevilla High School Alumni!
This will be a time for all to renew friendships and make new ones and a time to share in the stories of our times at Sevilla High School.
The following is information for your reunion:

May 20 - 22, 2016

Cost for Attending:
Includes Saturday night dinner & Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Holiday Inn Orlando Celebration
5711 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, Florida 34746
Guest Room Rates Per Night: $73.00 NIGHT all rooms are double plus Tax
NOTE: Rate is good 3 days before or after!!!!
Reservations Phone Number: (407) -396-4222, ask for in house reservations
Reference Number: SHS REUNION

QUESTIONS? Contact Stella at stella_dyer@hotmail.com
Please complete and send the attached registration form to Stella by April 1, 2016.
We look forward to seeing you in Kissimmee, Florida in 2016!

Sevilla High School
Reunion 2016
Registration Form


Alumni Name_____________________________________________________ Class of__________

Maiden name________________________________________

Guests/Spouse Name(s)_________________________________________________________________________________





E-Mail Address_____________________________

_____(number of persons) will be attending

Cost - $80.00 per person

**Full payment is due no later than April 1, 2016

Checks should be made payable to "Sevilla High School Reunion""and mailed with this form to:

Stella Dyer
2425 E. Durango Drive
Casa Grande, AZ 85294

A bank account in the name of Sevilla High School Reunion exists for the purpose of helping to defray the costs of Reunion 2016. Any and all contributions are more than welcome and are very much appreciated!

We look forward to seeing all of you!!


Save the Date for our next gathering of friends and classmates

Reunion 2016
May 20-22
Orlando, Florida
More details coming

Stella Castillo Dyer
Class of 68


High School Transcripts

(From Joe Condrill's Overseas Brats newsletter) Thompson Prometric has taken over from the Educational Testing Service as the depository of those who attended the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) or Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA) schools.

To get your transcripts, go to www.dodea.edu/stu/trans.cfm and that gives you information about Prometrics and where you need to call for any questions you may have. For transcripts go to: www.getcollegecredit.com and go to section that says military downloads and the first on the list (if more than 5 years) request transcript form dodds and print, fill out, scan and send it back to them via scanner or mail. Call and check on it in one and a half weeks if you haven't heard from them.

(Thanks to Jamie Kehe for this most recent update!)


Does Anyone Remember Us?

Hi, my name is Kelly Shane-VanDeGrift. My family lived in Sevilla from 1962-1966.
My sister, Jeannie, graduated from SHS in 1965. My brother, Mike, went to high school
and graduated from Rome, NY in 1967 and my brother, Dan, attended the elementary
school along with me.

I have the best memories a kid could ever want to have. We lived in a castle outside of Alcala
right down the road from the bullring for two years. I used to ride my donkey, Casper, to town
to get vegetables. My family had the most wonderful Halloween party at the castle one year. We
had horses and it was just the best time. Then we moved to Santa Clara and lived at I-3A. I remember
the pipa man, teen town, my sister's drill team..I still have her hat.... I remember walking home for
lunch. I remember listening to Armed Forces radio on Saturday mornings for stories. I remember that
the Smith's across the street had one of the only TV's. I think that is where I learned my love for
reading not having TV to watch. Sadly I cannot remember any of my teachers. My best friend was
Debbie Mongeon and we are still in touch to this day. Her brothers are Kenny, Danny and Terry. I went
to first, second and third grade there. If anyone can remember my family I would love to hear from you.
I was able to contact a few of my sister and brother's friends and I am very thankful for their response.

My sister, Jean, passed away from cancer in 1997. She only lived three months from diagnosis.

My brother, Mike, lives in Phoenix. Dan lives in Shickshinny, PA and I am in the middle of nowhere in
Greenville, Ohio. We moved her from Rome, NY when my father went to Viet Nam and never left.

How I long for those beautiful beaches of Trafalgar and Punto Bria. We had such an unusual
experience so different from the rest of our family back home and it was hard going to a place (Ohio)
that we had never heard about except in school.

Well I know I am rambling so I will stop now. I will always cherish the life we had back there...it can
never be duplicated and people here do not understand how wonderful and magical it was for a kid.
I sure hope to hear from someone!

Kelly Shane-VanDeGrift


Knight and Day filmed in Sevilla

Yesterday, I saw the movie Knight and Day....and loved it........It is a movie with Tom Cruise and is an action packed,
CIA theme with internation flavor......plus the notice in the paper said it was filmed in SEVILLE.....and it is....and
Seville is shown near the end of the movie with wild street chases and wonderful buildings, etc.... plus there is the running
of the bulls into the bull ring (which maybe true these days, but I am not sure about that?)

You must go and see it if at all possible and pass this on to all your Seville friends your parents, siblings for 2/12 hours
of our favorite town....

Ann Shotliff

Just saw the new Tom Cruise movie - Knight & Day. Kind of a fun action film. Had seen the previews and knew
part of it was filmed in Sevilla. I saw a lot of familiar landmarks and then they ended up running with the bulls. Did I miss
something or did Sevilla add that to compete with Pomplona....... I think they just took artistic license - to the rest
of the world Spain is just one big festival.....LOL.

Les Wollam


The Traveling Memorial Wall

The travelling Memorial wall, Vietnam, is coming here (Fort Walton Beach, Florida) next week. I plan to go
and look for John Hyland's name and would like to get pics of others but I don't know any other names to
look for. Do you know any???

Val Waldron '64
(Please email Val if you have a classmates name for her to look for)


VEGAS was a blast!

Another SHS Reunion has come to an end, but not without the making of new friends and memories. Thank you
to the team for all their hard work and a big thanks to all those that attended.

In hopes of planning the next reunion, I reach out to those that attended and those alumni that would like to
attend future reunions with your thoughts and ideas on how we can make the next reunion better. A survey
is needed for location and ideas from all SHS alumni. Please email me at stella_dyer@hotmail.com with
your thoughts and comments.

Here are the locales that have been presented at this point and the year is 2012.

  • 1. Florida
  • 2. South Carolina
  • 3. Kansas City
  • 4. Dallas

    Photos from 2010 reunion will be coming soon.

    Thanks again to everyone, VEGAS was a blast !



    A Note from Mary Gracia Hamilton '67

    ........we are just about to leave for the airport, for our journey to vegas. We are really looking forward to it.

    We now live in Charlotte NC. It will be 2yrs. this month. It was our daughters, wish that we move here, after they return
    from Costa Rica., where she and her husband were busy in the ministry work. My husband Roger and I moved to
    Rochester NY. right after oiur wedding in Sept.6,1969.

    I met my husband in 1967, on the rock of Gibralter. He was stationed at the Rota, Navel Base. We dated until he
    got orders for Viet Nam. He returned in 1968. He then continued, to go to Pen State. We were married, in Alamogordo NM.
    where my father was stationed, upon our return to the states.

    We had two beautiful children. Our daughter, Heather in 1963 and a wonderful son Todd. Sadly,we lost our son to
    an auto accident, in 1999. It just about killed us. If it hadn't been for all the support from friends and familey,we
    would have likely gone mad. Our son was only 22. The blessing is that he had a little girl, Ashley, she is the apple
    of our eye. She just turned 13. My where has the time gone. But here we are.

    I too, like so many others that went to SHS, I have many solid memories. My love for Spain and our life there, has
    never left my heart. I really treasure the gift of living there. We were in Sevilla, from 1965 _ 1968. Amazing how time
    flies. Sometimes I catch myself, saying,oh !! to be 19 again.

    I am looking sooo, forward to seeing everyone, that attends the reunion.

    Yes,I too, remember teen town and Manuel and the parties. Drill team, and tag foot ball. I have so enjoyed, looking
    at the pictures of the past reunions. I hope that I can remember most of my class mates. Well, guess I'll fine out soon.

    Forever a SHS, Girl,


    I attended SHS/Elementary in 1969 as a kindergardner. Ms. Malecki was my teacher at that time (wow, I remembered!)
    My family then moved to Oklahoma and from there, to California. In 1972, we got stationed at San Pablo AFS and my brothers
    had to go to Zaragosa for their high school. My sister and I continued to ride the big blues from Alcala de Guadalquivir to SHS
    to continue our schooling. Walking in on the first day of my 3rd grade year, I can remember Mr. Rodriguez, the Spanish teacher,
    taking one look at me, and saying "I taught your brothers, and they took advanced Spanish, and you will too!" Ugh!!! lol lol
    Hope all are well.. Memories of El Toro!

    James Kelly (Kelley), Port St Lucie, Florida


    As another reunion draws near, I am reminded of the extreme pleasure Duane and I both experienced at the past three SHS
    reunions. I can honestly say I don't think I ever laughed longer or harder than I did at these reunions! I was profoundly touched by the
    level of love and acceptance that I felt from our classmates and how we all really connected so well and so easily! Some people I
    knew better than others. Some I remembered better than others. Some I never knew at all before the reunions and yet we all became
    "family". These new and rekindled friendships have carried over into my life in very special ways long after the reunions have ended.
    These friends are still an active part of my life and contribute greatly to my joy and sense of well-being.

    I am so grateful for my years at SHS and for my experiences at the reunions. I am also so very grateful for the roles many of you continue
    to play in my life. Wish Duane and I could be there with you to share in all the festivities but please know that our hearts are with all of
    you! Be silly! Laugh your hearts out! Dance and have fun! Make every day an adventure and create new memories.

    Much love,
    Laurie Clark (Class of "66)


    Stella and the Reunion Team have good news to share!

    We have reduced rates for the hotel accommodations:

    Sunday - Thursday rates are now $39

    Firday and Saturday rates are now $69

    The hotel tax is 12% and the hotel charges a $5 resort fee

    Make reservations no later than May 31st!!

    Reunion 2010 - June 3-6 - Las Vegas, Neveda


    Sharing Danny's Story

    As some of you know, my husband Danny Groce passed away in August of 2009 from breast cancer. He battled the disease for six years.
    As a gift to him, I am sharing his story that others may have knowledge that men do get breast cancer. The site shares his journey,
    a wife's perspective, comments page and a guide for men to know how to check themselves. Please visit the site and SHARE it with everyone
    you know to get the word out to men and their families. I would love to have your comments.

    I was in Sevilla along with my sister Ginger '66 and brother JR from 1962-1965. The bonds we formed with friends have lasted all these years.
    I hope we will have a BIG reunion like we did in '99 so we can all be together one more time. Over 200 attended that year.

    My love to all,
    Pam Childress Groce

    The web site address is: www.sharingdannysstory


    Who can believe that it has been over two years since we went to San Antonio, Texas for our last big reunion? I can remember everyone sitting in the room beside the pool and telling a bit about themself to us all. I can even see it when I look at the faces of all the smiling alumni that radiated around the room in the pictures that were taken. What a wonderful time we had....well folks, it's that time again for us to gather in Las Vegas at the SunCoast Casino and resort and have another wonderful time and create memories and photos for the scrapbooks!

    We do have a small issue with this reunion and that is one of ...where are all the ALUMNI? At this time our school, Seville High School, only has 11, yes, only 11 signed up to go! Seems to me, we had just a tad bit more people attend our school through the years! I do know that this would be the 50TH Anniversary for the class of 1960!! Friends, this is going to be a GREAT reunion at the SunCoast Casino and Resort! Room rates are a cheap $ 45.00 every night except Friday and Saturday which will be $ 100.00 per night. With Sunday thru Thursday being $ 45.00 take a break from the everyday life, kick back and enjoy the stories and friends from your past for a few days! We'll be having a great buffet and dance on Saturday evening and let me tell you...the food is fantastic!! This resort has its own bowling alley, theater, entertainer floor shows, and to top it off....Angel Park and the Badlands golf course is on each side of the hotel! Oh yes....there is also a swimming pool on site to get a tan! What more could you ask for.....nothing more than YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES to party with!

    We encourage each and everyone of you to make your reservations prior to April 30, 2010! The dates for YOUR reunion are; June 4 - 6 2010 and like I said earlier....the rates for Sunday thru Thursday are only $ 45.00! So come early and enjoy! To make your SunCoast reservation call 1-866-636-7111, use reservation ID:10SHC06 when placing your reservation! Don't forget to mail Stella, your registration form for the weekend event.

    Thank you,
    The Sevilla High Reunion Team


    There are only 106 days left until "Staying Alive" begins in Las Vegas!!!

    There is a problem though. Only about a dozen have registered with Suncoast Hotel & Resort. In order to keep our discounted price
    for this Reunion we need more of you to make that step to attend.

    Some of us will be there on Thursday, June 3. Cost for that night is only $45. In Las Vegas that is an exceptional price! Cost for Friday
    and Saturday is $100.

    Take a look on line at http://www.suncoastcasino.com to see where we will be staying.

    If you've not signed up yet, I strongly encourage you to do it now. For your fellow alumni who are still not on-board, talk to them today
    and let's get together!

    Remember, the first Class of 1967 member who signs up at and attends will receive a surprise gift!

    Rich Castillo


    Death of a Sevilla Classmate - Gary Lemoine

    On April 18, 2009, Gary Lemoine ('64) was killed by several hit-n-run drivers while crossing the road in Mobile, Alabama.
    I had no idea that he lived so close to me. I was shocked to hear this accident on the news and in the newspaper.

    You can google this terrible story, if you want to know anything else about his death.
    I am very saddened about his death! Pls post it on our Sevilla High Website!

    Daisy Jones '64


    Sevilla High School Reunion 2010 - Registered Alumni
    Information Flyer from Lee San Miguel

    1960 Marilyn Jehli
    1964 Patricia Conlon Watkins and Lane
    1965 Linda Shans Maseda and Fred
    Sharon Wallace
    Paul Wagner and Keri (daughter)
    Eugenia Helmick Wright
    Gary Sigler
    1966 Bruce Padilla
    1967 Richard Castillo
    Mary Gracia Hamilton
    1968 Minerva Lara
    Lee San Miguel
    Norman Florez
    Jay Cauble
    Stella Castillo Dyer
    1970 Jose Castillo
    1971 Frank Castillo
    1972 Larry Castillo


    It is with a sad heart that I inform you of the passing of Duane Simms, a great man, our SHS student body president '64-'65 and
    member of the Class of 1965. He died peacefully in his sleep in the early morning of New Year's Day 2010 of natural causes
    related to diabetes. His loving wife, Laurie Clark, Class of '66, has asked that donations be made to the American Diabetes Assn
    in lieu of flowers. As we cried on the phone to each other a few minutes ago, we remembered how Duane loved life and that he
    lived it to the fullest. He never let his disease slow him down. May we always remember his smiling answer when you asked how
    he was doing---"I'M FANTASTIC!" And he truly was!

    Linda "Shansy" Maseda
    Class of '65

    A memorial service planned for him for Monday, January 4th, at 1:00pm.
    1025 Mt Vernon Hwy. N.W.
    Sandy Springs, GA 30327
    In lieu of flowers, we are asking that donations in his honor be made to the American Diabetes Association.

    My name is James Johnson (b. 1956). I was known as Johnny Johnson. We live in Santa Clara from 1960 to 1965.
    We lived at J-6-B, just a block or two from the school. I attended Kindengarten at San Pablo. I attended Santa Clara
    Elementary from the 1st through the 3rd grade (1962, 1963, 1964). I would like to join your group with the hopes
    of contacting others.

    Jim Johnson


    Stella Castillo, Minerva Lara, Lee San Miguel,
    Norm & Joyce Florez

    Class of '68 Toros planning the activites
    for the 2010 reunion.

    JUNE 3-6, 2010

    Join us for another magical weekend and be with friends who were such an important part of our youth.
    This is a very special event you will not want to miss!

    9090 ALTA DR.
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89145

    A block of rooms has been reserved at $45.00 for Thurs.night and $100.00 for Fri. & Sat. night. You are responsible for making your own reservations by calling the toll-free number 866-636-7111, or you can book your reservations online @ www.suncoastcasino.com/groups. Please be sure to mention you are with the "Sevilla High School Reunion" and the reservation ID:10SHC06. The cut-off date for reservations is May 4, 2010.The resort has a mandatory $5.00 per room, per day Resort Fee to cover cost for parking and shuttle service to and from the airport and to the strip.

    Friday and Saturday............................Welcome Mix & mingle.....( room to yet be determined )
    Saturday 7:00 p.m.- 12.00 p.m..............Buffett BBQ Dinner/ Dance.......Sunrise Room
    Sunday 9:00 a.m.- 11:a.m..................Farewell Breakfast.......Sunrise Room

    Cost of the weekend for Events is $75.00 per person (excluding hotel rooms)
    DUE NO LATER THAN MAY 4th 2010

    Checks should be made payable to "Sevilla High School Reunion" and mailed to:


    Once again, we're very happy to be able to present another opportunity for all of us who lived and went to school in Sevilla to get together one more time! Now, it's up to all of you to make this yet another successful reunion!! Don't procrastinate…one never knows if there will be another!

    Check the SHS website regularly for any and all Reunion 2010 updates!

    Any questions, contact me at stella_dyer@hotmail.com

    Stella Castillo Dyer
    Class of 68


    San Pablo Elementary Picture

    Someone out there may remember this picture of our first grade class (Ms. Gordon) in '59.
    I am Pamela Anthony's oldest brother. I went to high school with some of the Castillo's
    at Travis AFB, California where I graduated from in '71. I'm hoping to go to the reunion
    in Las Vegas next summer.

    Thanks. Michael Lipkin.


    Who says you can't go back again??

    That is exactly what I did when I found this website. As I looked at pics of reunions, I think you must have found another
    teen town! My dad had the pleasure of sponsoring many of those Friday nites. We were there from 58-61 and lived in Santa Clara somewhere.
    Sadly, my brother(Andy Wallace- 63') passed away in 05'. I remember so many names and faces!

    Sharon Wallace-65' (aka Shari Binder)


    Dan Pannucci, Les Wollam and Chip Furlong
    in front of Danny's hilltop home

    Dan , Les and Chip
    at the beach in a hotel on the Pacific Ocean


    I visited Danny & Chip in CR for a week.
    Danny has a really lovely home which Chip designed
    and built for him. It's high up in the hills so the views are
    great. Have had great time running all over with them.
    Since we are 1/4 of our class I guess I will call it a
    Costa Rica SHS mini reunion

    National Geographic Magazine said the area where Chip
    lives and Danny has a house has the best climate in the
    world. I am convinced they are right.

    Les Wollam '61
    July 22, 2009

    (This email was sent to me from Luis Guillermo who lives in the Santa Clara housing area.
    He evidently has browsed our web site and is trying to tell us how much it has changed.
    Because I no longer read Spanish, I used a translation web site on the internet and find it lacking as I am sure you do.
    If you want to send me a translation of Luis message to us, please do so and I will be more than happy to post.
    And I am sure Luis would be pleased to have a response to his email.)

    hola desde españa, garden city santa clara, seville

    Luis Guillermo

    hola, mi nombre es guillermo,tengo 34 años y vivo en el barrio de santa clara, sevilla desde el año 1970, (mis padres llegaron casi cuando fueron desalojadas las casas militares) yo vivo en la casa J 53 B calle francisco vazquez coronado en una esquina actualmente, cerca de la entrada de la urbanizacion.(estrella del sur cervezas) despues de buscar fotografias de el barrio de santa clara en internet, di, por casualidad, con varias webs donde hacian referencia a santa clara. he leido todo lo que he podido de su pagina, y la mayoria de las pèrsonas que escriben en su web dicen lo mismo, no hay fotos de santa clara entre los años 59 al 70. ahora, por si les interesa, paso a relatar la realidad de la urbanizacion santa clara puedo confirmar que la escuela de santa clara existe todavia, hoy en dia es otro colegio llamado SAN AGUSTIN, de curas religiosos, donde yo estudié hace tiempo. la urbanizacion santa clara logicamente todavia existe!! puede verse con google maps, ahora hay una funcion que sigues ampliando hasta que se ven las calles y las casas actuales y existentes. la mayoria de las casas estan reformadas y algunas ya no existen puesto que vendieron los terrenos a empresarios que construyeron molestos pisos the ball field hoy en dia existe y es un parque cerrado entre las calles hernando de soto y alonso de pineda existia una explanada la cual hoy es un club privado social llamado CLUB SANTA CLARA, entre j24 y j23 creo leer h9 o m9, donde en los años 70 y 80 fue el antiguo club social santa clara. a mediados de los 80 se construyeron unas piscinas para el club social en la explanada y finalmente se traslado el club santa clara a la explanada completamente (campos de futbol etcc) en la explanada situada cerca de la calle fray juan perez (si mira el mapa de la entrada a la urbanizacion, arriba a la izquierda), hoy en dia esta igual, es una explanda sin construccion ( por ahora) la casa h 24 en calle vicente llañez pinzon fue un supermercado de comestibles donde yo compraba coca cola y pasteles, hoy en dia no existe (vivienda privada y reformada) en el "jumidero serra", hoy en dia existe la iglesia de santa clara en la casa e20 esta la d8 calle fray francisco de pareja, donde hasta hace unos 10 años vivo un general famoso llamado "general merry", donde de pequeño yo jugué con sus hijos the hosing office hoy en dia existe pero son vivienda privadas. en la calle martn alonso pinzon en la casa del final m13, sirvio como casa de la urbanizadora santa clara, la cual se quedo con toda la urbanizacion en 1970 aproximadamente, hoy en dia no existe en la casa j14 calle gaspar perez de villagran, vivio un ministro de la trancision española llamado alfonso guerra en frente de ball field (arriba en el mapa) habia un rectangulo que supongo correspondia a un islote verde, hoy en dia es un colegio llamado LOS ROSALES (colegio publico), y es la competencia del COLEGIO SAN AGUSTIN (colegio privado) en el mapa, a la derecha de ball field, habia una explanada, la cual hoy no existe, hoy hay un centro comercial, (donde tienen hoy en dia las oficinas la urbanizadora santa clara, la cual adquirio toda la urbanizacion en 1970) y un instituto publico abajo del mapa, en la entrada, hay una explanadas verdes triangulares, las cuales hoy todavia existen la fabrica de cerveza llamada cruz del campo en frente la garden city santa clara, ya no existe, hoy hay un centro comercial (poligono industrial calonge) y mas lejos cerca de una via de tren esta y todavia existe el (poligono industrial store) la avenida de santa clara (abajo) hoy en dia se llama la calle "avenida de las villas de cuba" y la carretera que estaba en direccion a sevilla capital hoy en dia tiene 4 carriles y se llama "avenida de kansas city" bueno, espero les halla servido de algo contarles el estado actual de la urbanizacion santa clara, donde antes de vivir mi familia y yo, estuvieron ustedes. me gustaria saber si es posible quien vivio en mi casa en el numero J53B, es una ilusion que tiene mi madre y yo, y a su vez, tener fotografias de esta urbanizacion en la epoca desde 1959 hasta 1970. hoy en dia es una de las mejores urbanizaciones de sevilla, pues ya no se encuentra a las afueras de la capital.........ahora es sevilla capital!! postdata: 1º(se algo de ingles pero hubiese tardado bastante mas en escribir y no puedo permitirme esto ahora con mi trabajo, espero lo entiendan) 2º EN LA WEB FLICKR pueden encontrar informacion sobre militares y fotos de san pablo sevilla, tambien pueden ver el mapa de entrada a la urbanizacion santa clara buscando al usuario Sarge-Jack muchas gracias y espero su respuesta saludos desde España, Sevilla, GARDEN CITY SANTA CLARA 2009

    hello, my name is guillermo, I am 34 years old and live in the quarter of Santa Clara, sevilla from the year 1970, (my parents came almost when the military houses were evicted) I live in the house J through 53 B street francisco vazquez crowned in a corner at present, next to the entry of the urban development. ( star of the south beers)

    after looking for photography of the quarter of Santa Clara in Internet, I met, by chance, on several webs where they were alluding to Santa Clara. I have read everything what I have been able of his page, and the majority of the persons who write in his web say the same, there are no photos of Santa Clara between the 59s to 70s. now, for if they are interested in, I happen to report the reality of the Santa Clara urban development I can confirm that the school of Santa Clara exists still, nowadays it is another school called SAN AGUSTIN, of religious priests, where I studied some time ago. the Santa Clara urban development logically still exists!! it can turn with google maps, now there is a function that you keep on extending until there are seen the streets and the current and existing houses. the majority of the houses are reformed and someone of them do not exist already since they sold the areas to businessmen who constructed annoying flats the ball field nowadays it exists and is a closed park between the streets hernando of copse and alonso of pineda existed a raised area which today is a private social club so-called CLUB SANTA CLARA, between j24 and j23 am thinking about reading h9 or m9, where in the 70s and 80s the ancient social club was a Santa Clara. in the middle of the 80 a few swimming pools were constructed for the social club in the raised area and finally holy egg white moved the club to the raised area completely (fields of football etcc) in the raised area placed next to the street brother juan perez (if it looks at the map of the entry to the urban development, it arrives at the left side), nowadays it is equal, is an explanda without construction (for the time being) the house h 24 in street vicente llañez pumphandle was a supermarket of eatables where I was buying coca tail and pastries, nowadays it does not exist (private and reformed housing) in " jumidero serra ", nowadays the church of Santa Clara exists in the house e20 this it d8 is kept silent by brother francisco of partner, where until approximately 10 years ago I live a famous general so-called "general merry", where of small I played with his children the hosing office nowadays it exists but they are a housing deprived. in the street martn alonso pumphandle in the house of the end m13, served as house of the holy clear urbanizadora, which remained with the whole urban development in 1970 approximately, nowadays it does not exist in the house j14 gaspar is quiet perez of villagran, there lived the minister of the Spanish trancision called alfonso through war facing ball field (it arrives in the map) there was a rectangle that I suppose was corresponding to a green islet, nowadays it is a school called THE ROSEBUSHES (school published), and it is the competition of the SCHOOL SAN AGUSTIN (private school) in the map, to the right of ball field, there was a raised area, which today does not exist, today there is a commercial center, (where they have today in day the offices urbanizadora Santa Cllara, who acquired the whole urban development in 1970) and an institute published below of the map, in the entry, there are one green triangular raised areas, which today still exist the brewery so-called cross of the field opposite the Santa Clara garden city, already does not exist, today there is a commercial center (industrial estate calonge) and further next to a this route of train and it still exists (industrial estate store) the avenue of Santa Clara (below) nowadays calls itself the street " avenue of the towns of vat " and the highway that was in direction of sevilla cardinally nowadays has 4 rails and is called a " avenue of kansas city " good, I hope that it finds served them something was told them by the current state of the Santa Clara urban development, where before my family and I to live, you were. would like to know if there is possible who lived in my house in the number J53B, it is an illusion that my mother has and I, and in turn, to have photography of this urban development in the epoch from 1959 until 1970. nowadays it is one of the best urban developments of sevilla, since he is already not to the outskirts of the capital ......... now it is sevilla cardinally!! postscriptum:
    1st (something of English but it had been late more enough in writing and I cannot allow myself this now with my work, hope that they should understand it)
    2nd IN THE WEB FLICKR they can find information about military men and photos of san pablo sevilla, also they can see the map of entry to the Santa Clara urban development looking for the user Sarge-Jack thank you very much and I wait for his response greetings from Spain, Seville, SANTA CLARA Garden City 2009


    Rosalinda Hurst Has a Grandson to be Especially Proud of:

    Special Needs Students Prepare for Prom Night In Arlington, Texas

    Jason Christensen featured in interview


    (submitted by Les Wollam)

    Every ten years, as summertime nears,
    An announcement arrives in the mail,
    A reunion is planned; it'll be really grand;
    Make plans to attend without fail.

    I'll never forget the first time we met;
    We tried so hard to impress.
    We drove fancy cars, smoked big cigars,
    And wore our most elegant dress.

    It was quite an affair; the whole class was there.
    It was held at a fancy hotel.
    We wined, and we dined, and we acted refined,
    And everyone thought it was swell.

    The men all conversed about who had been first
    To achieve great fortune and fame.
    Meanwhile, their spouses described their fine houses
    And how beautiful their children became.

    The homecoming queen, who once had been lean,
    Now weighed in at one-ninety-six.
    The jocks who were there had all lost their hair,
    And the cheerleaders could no longer do kicks.

    No one had heard about the class nerd
    Who'd guided a spacecraft to the moon;
    Or poor little Jane, who's always been plain;
    She married a shipping tycoon.

    The boy we'd decreed 'most apt to succeed'
    Was serving ten years in the pen,
    While the one voted 'least' now was a priest;
    Just shows you can be wrong now and then.

    They awarded a prize to one of the guys
    Who seemed to have aged the least.
    Another was given to the grad who had driven
    The farthest to attend the feast.

    They took a class picture, a curious mixture
    Of beehives, crew cuts and wide ties.
    Tall, short, or skinny, the style was the mini;
    You never saw so many thighs.

    At our next get-together, no one cared whether
    They impressed their classmates or not.
    The mood was informal, a whole lot more normal;
    By this time we'd all gone to pot.

    It was held out-of-doors, at the lake shores;
    We ate hamburgers, coleslaw, and beans.
    Then most of us lay around in the shade,
    In our comfortable T-shirts and jeans.

    By the fiftieth year, it was abundantly clear,
    We were definitely over the hill.
    Those who weren't dead had to crawl out of bed,
    And be home in time for their pill.

    And now I can't wait; they've set the date;
    Our sixtieth is coming, I'm told.
    It should be a ball, they've rented a hall
    At the Shady Rest Home for the old.

    Repairs have been made on my hearing aid;
    My pacemaker's been turned up on high.
    My wheelchair is oiled, and my teeth have been boiled;
    And I've bought a new wig and glass eye.

    I'm feeling quite hearty, and I'm ready to party
    I'm gonna dance 'til dawn's early light.
    It'll be lots of fun; But I just hope that there's one
    Other person who can make it that night.

    --Author Unknown


    New Old Alumni

    Hi. My name is John Madden. I arrived in Sevilla with my family in October of 1959, and left in July 1962, attending the elementary school on the air base. I found the SHS web site while trying to find aerial photos of San Pablo Air Force Base, and to see if Santa Clara housing still existed.

    I find it amazing how I want to reach back into time and recapture moments that really can't be recaptured. But being able to mentally relive a portion of my extreme youth makes me realize how much is crammed into our three pound brains. I've read through a lot of postings and have recalled many other memories of my time there.

    I remember living in a small apartment heated by drab green kerosene heaters in the fall of 1959. I think the apartment complex was name Felippe Segundo Quince (not sure about spelling but it was probably Phillip the 2nd, number 15). We soon moved into a large, three story house in Seville. The house was within walking distance of a large park, in which I first learned to play "putt putt" golf. I remember always being excited about going to the Exportadora where I could go to the little magazine store and buy comic books. I remember how disappointed I was when the price on them went from 10 cents to 12 cents (Did they think we were made of money?). I remember another store there where I could buy track and railroad cars for my HO gauge train set, and a bar Dad took me to at which I had my first "cherry coke."

    I believe we lived in Seville until early 1961 when we moved to Santa Clara housing. We were on the back street, near the back corner of the housing area (N-4-C???). About 100 yards of wheat field separated us from the squalor of "stink village" which I frequented to buy "boombas" and the little purple firecrackers. A group of my friends and I played in the wheat field, making paths within it when the wheat was still green and high enough to hide us. That stopped one day when a Guardia Civil grabbed us and took each of us to our homes. From what I remember, Mom said that we either had to go to court or pay a 100 peseta fine. We paid the fine and I stayed out of the field from that time onward.

    My housing unit, with a German woman upstairs and the Chestnut family on the other end downstairs was surrounded by hedges, which someone seemed to keep well trimmed. I was in love with Donna Chestnut, but alas, she was two years older than I and barely knew I existed. My sister Pam and her sister Patty were best friends, which just accentuated the great divide between 4th and 6th graders.

    I spent a lot of time catching the lizards that seemed to love sunning themselves on the hedges and trying to dive in and hide when I walked by. I climbed up on our carport one day (verboten) when Mom and Dad were gone, looking for the fat lizards that I could see peeking down at me. I took a large stick up with me to clobber them. My last swing ever, I lost my balance, fell through the bamboo of the roof and hit the steel garbage can (no lid on it) with my cheek, cutting it. It bled more than I thought possible. I got a trip to the base dispensary, no stitches though, just a big bandaid. I think my Dad figured the thrill of the fall was enough punishment and I never went back up…..I just got longer sticks for use from the ground…..

    I ran into Donna Brizzalaro in school and found that she had been at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota at the same time that we had. I was amazed that anyone else was moving around like we were.

    I had Mrs. Harrison for 2nd grade and I remember being embarrassed to death when one of my classmates (Peter ??) told her that I had said I'd like to kiss her. Though I thought she was pretty and I had said it, at seven I didn't want the whole class to know. Peter was on my do-not-call list for a day or two.

    I had Miss Kane for third grade and Mr. Lightell for fourth. I remember the morning of February 15th, 1961, sitting at my desk, looking out the window because on that day there was supposed to be a total solar eclipse (at least for Madrid). But Sevilla that day was overcast and I was disappointed that I could not tell that anything was happening. For whatever reason, I fixed March 15th, 1962 in my head as the date of the eclipse and it wasn't until perhaps 40 years later, when writing a "letter to my great-grandchildren" that I actually looked up the date of the eclipse and saw that the February '61 eclipse was the only one that fit that time period and location. I now wonder how many more of my memories have been "doctored". I remember hating to go to Spanish classes, because why would anyone want to speak Spanish? Yet I was envious when a couple kids in the class were moved up to a more advanced class.

    I remember going to a lot of movies at the base theater as well as Sunday Mass in the same building. My Dad had a part time job as the theater manager and I got my fill of used carbon rods from the projectors. I also got to look through all the half tickets that were collected. Apparently, if you found one with numbers that added up to 21 you got to kiss a girl. I got a pocketful of 21's but never got the girl.

    I started a stamp collection and somewhere got a catalogue of US stamps. Thinking I could get them all at the Post Office on base, I took a bus to the base. For whatever reason, I walked home from the base. As a parent now, I'd be nuts. I was no more than 9 and I think it was seven miles back home.

    I remember walking along the divided highway, past the Estrella Sur brewery and into Santa Clara housing to home with my sheet of orange ½ cent Ben Franklin stamps.

    I was playing little league baseball when Joe DiMaggio paid us a visit. I had no idea who he was, but I got his autograph on my baseball glove, just like everyone else. I continued to play with that mitt, greasing it up with Vaseline every couple weeks. Eventually Joe's name was gone. I still have the mitt and the memory though.

    I remember riding the bus to school one morning and a bunch of boy scouts were showing bright new 1959 Lincoln pennies without the wheat ears, which had just been replaced by the Lincoln memorial. The '59 pennies still hold that memory for me in my coin collection. While living in Seville, I took a blue air force bus out to school. One day, on the bus, some boys were telling a "joke". This was 1959 or 1960. The joke was "say black eyes backwards". The person hearing the joke would then say "eyes black" which would be followed by "yo sho is". I thought it was hilarious and turned to a black student to tell him. Oops. I had no idea about race being a problem with anyone. I got in trouble. I didn't know that whites and blacks didn't get along. In first grade, I kissed two black girls who lived in my housing block at Ellsworth and it was no big deal. Later, a black airman that worked with my Dad, named Bobby, was severely injured in an automobile wreck between the base and Santa Clara. That was the first time I'd seen my father cry. What I did like about the incident though was that an older white boy told the bus driver about what I had said and to whom. He obviously had an idea of how things were outside my little area of the world at that time. I guess, as portrayed in "South Pacific", you've got to be "carefully taught to hate."

    I remember the big flood in the spring (I don't remember the year). Huge bundles of cork bark had washed up beside the road into Seville. I remember hearing about how bad the flooding was for the people in "stink village".

    I'll cut this off here, but I feel like I'm just getting started. It's like the time was a whole 'nother life and so many things are still vivid: fishing in a little stream with Edward Urbanik, a cub scout meeting with Danny Bivens, playing "monkey brothers" with Larry (Harrison?) on the playground and drawing pictures of airplanes with a million bullets coming out of them, finding a brick building with a well inside it on the edge of the housing area, an electric line down by the baseball field while we played, running around with my best friends David Thatcher and Darryl Hutchinson and on and on and on. It is really interesting to hear from others about their experiences at the same place and roughly the same time. I also have really come to understand how "youth is wasted on the young."
    My permanent email is roadrunner1890@hotmail.com

    I was in 2nd grade 1959-1960 with Mrs. Harrison.
    3rd grade in 1960-1961 with Miss Kane
    And 4th grade in 1961-1962 with Mr. Lightell

    If you need to cut or edit this, I understand. It got a bit longer than the "hello" I had planned.

    John Madden


    Some interesting "then and now" photos:
    (Suzanne Kaiser 2/4/09)

    SHS in 1967

    and (sadly) as it is today

    1965 Prom King and Queen Robert Martinez and Ann Shotliff

    and again at the reunion in 2008.



    Happy Holidays to all and Happy 2009!

    To the class of 1970, your 40th class reunion is around the corner and I am hoping to see many of you as
    well as other alumni attendees at the 2010. My hope is to host the reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada. What I need to
    know is how many are in favor, even if its a little ways off, I would like some feedback. The reunions are for everyone
    and with everyone 's help we make new memories together. Here's hoping to hear from all or many of you with your input.
    Thank you from me and the team working to put on another successful reunion for you.

    Stella Castillo Dyer
    Class of 1968


    Hello, my name is Daniel (Nick: Xarlie), and I'm an airsoft player, from the team IV Brigada Celer (www.clanivbc.mforos.com).
    The High School and another buildings, stills being there, in ruins, but there they are. Me and many airsofters think many times what
    was the appear of those buildings many years ago, and what were their real function. We go there to practice Airsoft all weekends,
    that's why I'm interested in know the past of those buildings. So, Can you send all pictures you have from when those buildings
    were active? I'll be very pleased if you make me that favour, nobody knows the real story and it's very difficult to find information
    about it. Beforehand, thanks so much.
    -- Zehknas.


    My name is Mary Munro, now Mary Munro Salvador. We were in Sevilla '65-'67 ( or close to those years). I found this message board while trying to find Santa Clara on Google Earth....it is still there I gather. I was only in High school for a few weeks before we had to go stateside. I went to the High School as
    an 8th grader tho.
    My best friend was Pat Lee. Anybody know where she is? I remember Anita Swan, Dawn Dingledein too,
    I knew she had cancer and didn't live long after we left. I am going to have to jog my memory.
    ...Mary Hampton and her brother Pete....
    How I loved Sevilla! Teen Town, the pipa man, walking to Sevilla from Santa Clara, watching the apartments
    being built for 3 years and not being finished when we left......LOL My brothers playing baseball, the girl scouts,
    trips to Granada and every where else in Spain, my father being a boy scout leader, everything about living
    there was wonderful! Well, except for the gypsies stealing our clothes...LOL
    Mary Munro Salvador


    Thank you to all for attending the S A Reunion and hopefully we'll see all and more in 2010 for the next one. I hope it was enjoyable and memorable for everyone !



    We Were in San Antonio! Wish You Had Been There!


    1968-2008 Forty Years !


    This is a message to the class of 65 that has not signed up to come to San Antonio.

    I would love to see you there. I have a "trump card" and I'm going to use it ( sympathy card)!! Last August I had a stroke and had to learn how to walk again while I was in rehab for a little over a month. So if I can go through all this you can at least come to see me at San Antonio, I would love to see you all again!! Unfortunatly for you I still have an amazing ability to talk !! Especially you: Chuck Vail, Mike Carlisle, Jack Rusczyzk, Alfonso Garza. Hope to see you all very soon!!

    JoEllen Osborne '65


    I have so many fond memories of Spain. I'd like to be able to piece those memories together with the people I knew and the places themselves - - in anticipation of one day returning. I lived in Seville, Spain (Santa Clara) from '65 to ~early '68 (6 to 9 year-old Air Force brat). I believe we lived at E-13 Santa Clara. If you or anyone you are in contact with has a Google earth link to where Santa Clara is located, I'd be most thankful.

    Jim Carpenter


    To all those air force brats that are listed as planning to attend but are not yet registered, quit procrastinating. Time is running out. This past year has been a time of tremendous change both good and bad for me...the bad. My oldest son, Russell, passed away last Mother's day from liver and kidney failure as a complication of Hepetitis C which he got from a transfusion as a teenager...a mother should never have to bury her child. Actually, we did not bury him...he was cremated according to his wishes and his ashes were scattered on the ocean off of diamond head in Honolulu...a beautiful ending to a precious life... the good, I have two other children, one in Hawaii and one in Michigan. Russ lived with me in Mississippi and after he went to be with the Lord, it was a no brainer deciding which child I wanted to live closest to..So I have moved to Hawaii and it is so beautiful....am still working too hard...I still own my bail business in Mississippi and am now helping my son with his bail business in Hawaii and am contemplating expanding to Alabama and Tennessee....am looking forward to a break from it all and looking forward to seeing you all in San Antonio, so get those registrations in.....

    Dianne Wimberly Carpenter "61


    OK, everyone. I've made all my reservations, have you? Bill and I are arriving on Tuesday, May 27 and will be visiting some friends in the area for a couple of days.
    Our hope is that, since we'll be there before he leaves, we want to visit with JERRY BALL, if that's at all possible. We're not leaving until Monday, June 2.

    Can't wait to see you all.
    Love, Mary


    We arrived to Sevilla in 1966. Felix and I attended only one year of school at the High School, 1970. I was just recalling some of the events at the school with some friends just a few days ago. In particular the food fights at the cafeteria, Felix caught hell for that. We were sent back state side but returned to Spain for my final two years of high school. 1972-1973, while my parents and other sibs were in Moron de la Frontera, Felix, Alex and I were in Zaragoza as a dormies and then in Madrid, 1973-1975, when dad got transferred there from Moron de la Frontera. Felix died in 1990 from complications of AIDS. Alex retired from USAF and settled in FL and I retired from USN and settled in WA. Since graduating from HS is running into friends from HS in some of the most unexpected places has been a grounding and wonderful experience. Hearing a foul language saying in Spanish, in a book store at a community college in VA and turning to find a fellow student from Zaragoza, walking on the beach in Virginia Beach and being picked up and given a bear hug by a fellow student from Zaragoza, feeling that I was getting stalked in a grocery store in Seattle and finding out it was a class mate from Madrid, getting a call out of the blue at home from Texas and talking to a class mate from Madrid. These are great experiences and I hope to have more of those in the future.

    Georgie Kelley '74

    I have emailed Elaine that I'm finally going to make one of your reunions.... thank you and all the others who have painstakingly
    put together the list of Air Force Brats who attended Sevilla High School.

    I'm very excited and can't wait to see everyone again... the class of 64 will be represented by one of the "Pink" girls...., however,
    sister "Mike" (Carole) has health issues and will not be attending. I will either bring the old pictures I still have in an album or scan
    them and bring electronically to show everyone. Some of the people I've been able to pinpoint, but others not so...

    I went back to Sevilla 2 years ago for a vacation in May and the weather was in the low 100's.... was too hot to travel around much,
    so stayed in the center of town near the bullfight ring and took short walks to old haunts. Did find many familiar sites, but didn't go to
    out old housing as I was afraid it would be greatly changed.... kinda wanted to remember it like it was in my teenage years....

    Looking forward to being there with all of you... Please email in advance if you wish to talk over old experiences before we see one
    another in San Antonio.

    Wanda "Pink" Mull


    Hi, my name is Sarah and I live in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    My mother-in-law found a Sevilla High School ring many years ago, at the beach. It is a large gentlemans ring, 10k yellow gold with a yellow/orange stone with the Sevilla High School motto and year 1969. Inside the ring are the initials A.W.B . I would love to locate the owner and return it to him or his family.

    Cocoa Beach is close to Patrick Air Force Base and the Kennedy Space Center.

    I hope you can help me locate the owner of this ring.
    Thank you.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and hope to see everyone in 2008 in San Antonio !
    Keep those registration forms coming and lets plan on having a great reunion. Get those dancing shoes and
    socks ready for our "Sock Hop" on Sat. night, (dance and costume contest with prizes).

    HAPPY 2008
    Stella Castillo Dyer
    class of 68


    A Picture from the Past and A Mystery
    Ahhh, those were the days. Prom 1965.........where else can you see crepe paper curtains?

    Glad you asked, but I can't remember. Maybe someone out there knows.
    She wasn't my date. I think we were getting some superlative or something. I know I had
    a great time at Sevilla High School, but many details are blurry now.

    Gary Sigler '65
    Gary Sigler


    I'm guilty! I've read most/all of the emails posted and I've just bypassed commenting. Now I feel like unloading (so to speak).

    Mike Bishop was a friend in the early 60's. I saw him again in the early/mid 90's and sat at his kitchen table with Jerri and talked
    of "old times". Now he's suffered the ultimate loss-a child passing before him. We all feel his loss as if it was one of our own.
    I refrained from commenting at the time since his pain must have been enormous. Now I'll say "we love you Mike" stay strong
    (as I know you are).

    Ruthie Flowers and I danced a number of dances at the last reunion. My wife commented at that time how wonderful a person she was.
    We'll miss Ruthie. She certainly was outside the mould and a breath of fresh air. God bless.

    Ray Chase was the best thing that ever happened to us all. Thanks Pat, for keeping him "sane"????? we ALL owe you both a
    debt that can never be repaid.

    There are others that we've known that have gone before us, and there will be more. Remember them.

    For those that remember my sister Patricia, she is still living in ESPANA and has a small jewelry shop in Fuengirola. If you're
    headed that way, please email me and I'll give you her number. She'd love to hear from you! (oh. BTW. She's now a Spanish Citizen!)

    Keep the faith-keep the memories and VIVA ESPANA.

    With love,
    Michael A. Hammel
    Class of '63 (barely)
    Roswell, GA


    My grandson Larry Jewett, has left Colorado this pm (11-2-07) and is on his way to Bagdad, Iraq for 15 months. I'm asking my friends and family to please keep him and his 75 troops in prayer daily. Pray God's protection over them all. He is a 2 Lt. and this his first tour of duty over there. I 'll send his address later if any one would like to send Christmas cards to him and his troops.

    Margaret Collier Furry ('63)


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Alvaro Palma. I´m originally from Seville and I grown up in what is today Santa Clara neighborhood,
    which you once knew as San Pablo.Since I was a young kind I was deeply fascinated by the fact that the same streets
    that I walked every day where populated by american soldiers and their families. I always wonder how would be the
    live for the families in such a different country back at that time. When I grown up I enjoyed looking at the different houses
    and try to imagine the live in my neighborhood as an American enclave. Little vestiges areleft from that time, a part from
    the houses and a tiled wall map at what I reckon was once the entrance to the complex (still showing the original
    distribution the street and now sadly under the threat of graffities).

    The desire to know more made me to start to research in the Internet and your website is one the only two sites that I found
    with relevant information (the other one being http://www.3973cds.com/3973cdshome.htm), but with very few pictures of
    San Pablo back then. I wanted to contact you in order to know if you could let me know where i could find more information
    and pictures of the area when it was part of the American base. Do you have more pictures? Do you know of someone with
    more pictures?

    Thanks and best regards,
    Alvaro Palma


    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.,
    talks with Waverly Light and Power Headquarters general
    manager Glenn Cannon, right, during a plant tour, Saturday,
    Aug. 18, 2007, Waverly, Iowa.
    (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
    Wanted to share a great moment. Last Saturday we went to the Waverly Power
    and Light to see Barak Obama and this nice picture with Glenn was on Yahoo.
    I hope this link works as there are some other really nice pictures.

    Merriem Hammer Wombacher '62


    From Sheila Stryker:

    I'm Sheila Stryker. I was at SHS from '62-'65 From 9th-11th grade. I knew lots of students because I had a sister Kathi, Senior '62 and a younger brother Randy Stryker 7th - 9th. We are all still alive and in good health. I was sad to hear about Mike Bishop's son and Mr. Chase. I remember that Mr. Chase would read to our freshman class. He loved Science Fiction. For those of you in Northern California looking for classmates, Margaret Shealy lives in the Napa area. I haven't asked her if I can share her address. She doesn't have e-mail. Ruthie Flowers was a good friend of mine way back then. Thank you for letting me know of her passing. I appreciate it. My mom & dad ran the hot dog stand at the ball dimond and the coke stand at football games. They are also still alive and kicking. In fact, Kathi & I are working on getting my dad's 90th birthday party together.

    Fight Black! Fight Red! Fight, Fight Black & Red!!


    I lived at santa clara sevilla 66-68. My name was Sharon McLean and had long red hair. I dont have any year books, but see a lot of familiar names. Of course , some of the best memories we all had were of Spain and those teen years. I too , remember hitching rides, going to teen town,down town, Feria 4th of July, and just having a pretty great time.

    Some people i remember - debbie layman, one of my best friends-dawn dingledein ( died at age 15), jimmie, steven, mike , another debbie, leslie , LINDA, ( I saw leslie and wrote linda after spain) danny, martha, frank tom. sandy & cathy pat. and more.

    If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you.

    Sharon McLean '71


    Just in case you haven't seen it, here's a link to a web site about Morón AFB in the mid-60's which has brought me very fond memories of my early years.


    I hope you and all the SHS family enjoy it as much as I did.



    Class of '80
    Class of 1980
    In 1970 my dad was on TDY in Thailand (Urdon AFB), so my mom, my sisters, my brother and I came to Spain for that year. (My mother is Spanish and her parents lived in Seville so we stayed with them that year). In 1971 my father was sent to McConnell AFB (Wichita, Kansas) and we all moved there for one year.. When my father retired in 1972, we all came back to Spain. (My parents and my two sisters and my brother). And I've never gone back to the States.

    I studied at Translator's School at the University of Granada, and now I translate movies and tv shows for dubbing and subtitling purposes. I also teach translation techniques at the University of Sevilla and at CEADE (a private college associated to the University of Wales). My dad passed away eight years ago. And my two sisters, my brother and my mother also live in Seville. I married a Sevillana 21 years ago, and I have three daughters. (Lola -18, Ángela-16 and Isabel-15)

    I attended Santa Clara School in 1970 (2nd Grade). All I remember about this year at Santa Clara is that my teacher was Kenneth McGraw. Back then everyone called me "Chico", which is quite funny because I began to grow and now I'm 6.5 feet tall! I have attached a class photograph of that year. (I am the tall kid with glasses next to the flag)

    Ivars Barzdevics


    Hello Toros.
    My name is Michael Bowers and I lived across the street from Teen Town and the elementary school in Santa Clara from 65-68. I attended the elementary school the second half of the third grade. I was too tall for the elementary school desks so they got me a desk from the base. I remember my first Spanish teacher's name was Senorita Hinojosa. The next year I went to school in the old barracks on base. I have so many memories of Spain and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    I remember my first male teacher Mr. Lynch in the fifth grade. He told us he had a library of Playboy magazines in his bathroom at home. I also remember Miss Calhoun. She drove a convertible sports car (I think it was a Triumph) and wore a big orange floppy hat with a sun visor built into the front. Does anyone remember playing four square or socco at recess?

    A few of the people I remember were Debby Mungion (my first girlfriend), Debbie Spencer (became my girlfriend when Debby M. moved), Vince Santana, Steven Viets, Linda Coffman (another girlfriend, who baked me a cake), Gordon Dunlap, Steve Tubman, Michele Brown, Geraldine Laymen (my last girlfriend in the sixth grade). I had a girlfriend a few years older than I was who asked me to the Sade Hawkins dance. I don't remember her real name but her nickname was Herman. I was good friends with John Hurt whose father taught at the high school, had a beard, and drove a Volvo station wagon. I used to spend weekends at their villa, swimming in their pool and singing folk songs while Mr. Hurt played the ukulele. Sometimes we would sleep on a float in the pool at night.

    I remember the Pipa man who walked through Santa Clara selling sunflower seeds and candy. We would also buy fresh fruit from the fruit man who drove a three wheeled vehicle with a fruit cart attached to the back. There was also an old barber who would go door to door giving haircuts. I hated getting haircuts from him because he would always cut you with his straight edged razor. I remember stealing a candy bar from the snack bar across the street from the pool on base. Even though no one found out, it bothered me for so long I swore I would never steal anything again.

    During the summers, I remember taking swimming lessons, arts and crafts, hiking, and Judo.

    I remember hitchhiking to the base and spending most summer days at the pool playing Hearts and Spades. We would sometimes get a ride home with my father or hitchhike back to Santa Clara.

    I remember taking Square Dance lessons and Flamenco lessons and putting on a show at school.

    I remember when Terry Spangler was killed by a car on the highway in front of Santa Clara and they named the baseball diamond Terry Spangler Field in his honor.

    I remember no air conditioning and sleeping with our balcony doors open. Some nights the wind would blow from Stink Village down the street and the smell was really bad.

    I remember when there were problems with the water supply to Santa Clara and we would have to go to the base and fill up jugs, or boil the water before we could use it. I also remember when the commissary would run out of milk and we would have to use powdered milk. Tasted horrible in cereal.

    I remember going to Feria in Seville and playing arcade games and winning small bottles of liquor. Our maid stole some of the bottles so I decided to take them to school with me. They were in my lunch pail in my locker in the classroom and leaked all over the place. The teacher smelled them and took them away from me. I remember watching the go-go dancers in the club the base would set up downtown during Feria. There was a hole in the wall between the men's and women's bathroom and we would watch the dancers change clothes. This was really exciting for a 10 year old.

    I remember the six day war in Egypt when the wives and children living on military bases around Israel were flown in to San Pablo and stayed in the vacant wing of the school. We all brought clothes and food for them since they did not have time to pack anything before fleeing.

    Michael Bowers


    Dear Fellow Military Brats,
    I received this link from a friend from Mountain Home High School (Mountain Home AFB, Idaho - who also attended SHS at the same time I attended Madrid High School). For our senior year, we both wound up in Idaho and graduated together, both of us missing Spain! This is a greeting from your compatriots over on the Madrid High School Class of 64 website, www.mhs64.org. You are welcome to visit and view our growing site with many photos of Espana from that era.

    As a fellow USAF brat and also a 68 graduate of Virginia Tech, I would like to express our sympathies and condolences to those of you who suffered horribly from the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Losing a child is the most cruel thing a parent should never have to endure. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. You have a much larger support group in the Military Brat community than you may realize. I'll post this sad news on our message board so any of our members whom you may know can get in contact with you.

    T. Brennan
    MHS '64


    A Message from Mike Bishop to his SHS Family

    I have just discovered this site, and am stunned and gratified to find postings offering condolences for the death of our son, Christopher James (Jamie) Bishop, and for Austin Cloyd, whose parents Bryan and Renee Cloyd we met on our last trip to Blacksburg, not quite two weeks ago.

    We have, however, heard from many former SHS students and/or graduates, some of whom used return addresses on their cards or letters and some of whom did not. We've tried to reply to as many of you who have written as possible, but have missed several of you, not just because of the absence of return addresses but also because our record-keeping has been less than sterling, for which failure Jeri and I hope you'll forgive us.

    If you'll visit www.michaelbishop-writer.com , though, you'll find a message that (if you haven't already seen it posted elsewhere) will provide a little background on our current situation (and that, I believe, of many other families of the victims of the April 16 shootings) and also on our son Jamie. It's a mini-obituary and a brief tribute to several of Jamie's talents. We all miss him ferociously. Again, thank you for your expressions of sympathy. They mean a good deal.

    Michael Bishop
    SHS 1962-63



    My name is Matt Szetela. I found your e-mail address on the Sevilla HS link. My family was in Sevilla June 59 - June 62. I attended the 7th grade at the "NEW" high school there in Santa Clara, before we returned to the States.

    Having examined most of the web-site, I notice there are not too many photographs. Some of the ones my family has were misplaced or destroyed. I did however, just recently discovered "Google Earth". Examining closely the images, I have detemined that not only does Santa Clara still exist, it has been upgraded somewhat. The house my family resided in is apparently still there, as is the high school. (I don't know if it is still a school or not).

    The buildings at San Pablo also are still standing. It appears that the landowner has ploughed up the fields, but has kept the buildngs. Maybe he thinks the USAF is coming back.

    Needless to say, I desire to be a part of the Sevillanos that are still around. I have many fond memories that I could also share.

    Matt Szetela

    Greetings to all alumni of Sevilla High;

    This is to let everyone know of a great DVD about military brats that has recently been released. My brother-in-law's family was stationed in Madrid about the same time my family was stationed at San Pablo AFB (mid 1960's). He sent me this link. After watching the trailer, I had to pass it on to the SHS website. It's an interesting perspective on what it's like to grow up in the military. Brought back a lot of memories.

    David Davis
    www.bratsourjourneyhome.com/order.htm .


    Skip Smith's ('61) father painted this picture which always hung
    in the entrance of their home in Sevilla. Les Wollam ('61) asked
    Skip to sent a photo of the painting, which Les feels captures the
    soul of Sevilla.

    Thank you Les and Skip for sharing it with us.


    I am an Air Force Brat @ 46.I am thrilled to find this site.I have been searching for info on our old base housing.I am planning a trip to Spain.Does any part of the base still exist? Nothing but good memories now.

    Thank You,
    Mike Holcomb

    I lived at Seville from 66 to late 68. I actually don't remember a lot. I do remember playing a lot of baseball, going to teen club and hitch hiking to the base. If anyone can remember me, I would be impressed.

    Mike Page


    Just thought I'd send along some good news and Christmas Greetings at the same time.

    This Christmas Jacy is not only walking, but running and trying to scale the family Christmas tree. She will be 2 in March and our miracle granddaughter is doing well. Thank you again for all you did for all of your fellow Toros and especially our little Jacy.

    I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to K.C. this summer for an Art workshop. It was just as wonderful then also. I got to go to the Art Institute and study architectural rendering in Manhattan Kansas.

    Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful Holiday Season.
    Sally (Rapacik Simmer, Sally '69)



    I just found out about the site and am soo excited. Thanks to all who have done such a great job! Oh, how I wish I had heard about it a few years sooner as I live in the Houston area now and would have loved to attend any of the Texas reunions had I known about them. I lived in Santa Clara on the very back street (Unit G4-A) just down from the elementary school from 1965 to Jan., 1969. My best friend, Debbie Gest, lived two doors down and my boyfriend, David Flores lived across the back field (where we played baseball). I had another friend, named Sandra Delahoussaye (sp) (who was planning to go to Rice Univ.) that lived at the far end of the back field and I remember Bill Cosby (yes, THE Bill Cosby) was a friend of her family and I was invited to her house and ate supper when he was visiting one time. I remember Pep Squad, being on Drill Team, and loving Archery in GAA. I remember the annual fall Powder Puff football game. I lived at the pool from opening day to closing and loved to hang around and help out the lifeguards. Those were the days of One and a Halfs, Cutaways and Backflips off the low board and attempts to master a high board Two and a Half. Those were the days of NO FEAR! I remember: Danny Trevino was a great kisser and David Flores was a great dancer; all the bus trips to Rota and Malaga and Madrid and sitting in the back of the bus singing Love Potion # 9, the classic 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall; and all those other great songs! I remember being secretary at business meetings at Teen Town, skating out back and sneaking my first smoke with my older brother at the La Guardia shack behind the school. I remember (accidentally) running into the Beatles on the beach when my family vacationed at Torremollinos (sp) the summer of '66. What luck!! I remember all this and so much more. I remember Mr. LaCarsel for Spanish, Ms.Traylor for Home Ec., Mr. Orolin for Math, and one older woman teacher (for English?) who never wore stockings and had scratches all over her legs. Someone said she had lots of cats?! I remember going horse back riding with Rachel (?), who had her own horse at the stables in Moron. I remember Rozalyn (sp) teaching me the Motown dances and singing all those Motown hits! Anybody ever hear from her? When I find my yearbook, I'm sure I'll remember much more. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share memories from '65 to '69.

    Cathy Bowers, Class of '70


    This is to update everyone on things happening in my life

    In June 2004, I moved back to Lake Charles, LA to help out my mother and brother since their health wasnt good. Mother (Fern Drury) and I attended the 2004 Reunion in Dallas. In fact she opened the dance with the first dance. I'm sad to tell you that Mom passed away Dec. 1, 2004, she had a stoke and was in the hospital for 5 weeks before she passed away. Then my brother (Raymond Kay) also passed away on July 24, 2005. He had been sick for quite some time and he took it hard when mother passed, and just went down hill. He had donated his body to science and his body was in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit last year and I had quite a time getting all his paperwork completed for his death certificate. I also had to evacuate Lake Charles when Hurricane Rita hit our area a month latter. I think things are finally getting back to normal around here, but it is quite lonely here with both Mom & Ray gone. I was planning on going to Las Vegas for the reunion, but things have come up and I will not be able to attend, maybe next time.

    Gail Kay
    (Class of '65)


    Update On My Crazy Life....

    To all of my former classmates and friends...it is amazing where life takes you. Instead of slowing down as I age, my life is increasing in speed and events. I own a bail bonding business in Mississippi as well as am the director of a ministry to the homeless and am both a cancer survivor and a hurricane Katrina survivor. MY home has been restored and we are still working on the office building which is gutted down to the studs. I have three children and my middle child is Tim "Youngblood" Chapman on the television show "Dog The Bounty Hunter" that appears on A & E. I thought I might get to retire by this time but I guess not. Being a military brat and traveling all over the world definitely helped to prepare me for this hectic life I lead. Would love to hear from some of my old classmates/friends.

    Dianne Wimberly Carpenter
    Class of '61


    Memories of Spain

    I did not atttend Sevilla High School, and you do not know me, but this web site was so very helpful in locating some of the people I knew when I was in Spain. I was in the Air Force, stationed at Moron in 1962-1963. Some of the students were members of the Moron Rodeo Club, and I got to know some of them. I recently decided to try to track some of them down. I got lucky, after hearing that Sevilla High School had a reunion, and I found your site. I too have many great memories of my time in Spain. Thanks for maintaining a great site, it has helped me very much.
    Thanks again

    Carl "Waco" Moffett


    Chip Pyle
    Les Wollam
    Robin DuCrest Special FX Lighting
    Bobby West Cringoed Farm - Wales
    Mike Hammel Hammel Logo
    Merriem Hammer Merriem
    Susan Hinson
    Juice Plus +


    Zaragoza High School Alumni Organization

    Zaragoza HS - (by Theresa Almond Welch, Class of 82)

    Zaragoza HS Yearbooks (by Dan Hess, Class of 78)

    My Dad was stationed from 75-77 at Moron Air Base (until they
    closed it down to "care-taker" status at which time he was moved to
    Zaragoza Air Base.) The whole time I attended Zaragoza High School
    (as a dormie until my family moved up there.) I believe some of the early
    yearbooks from 58-64 era that I've posted are from when school was
    associated with and located in Sevilla.

    Zaragoza Zebras (by Jack Leighton, Class of 61)

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